How to use Apisolis:

1. Remove the white resistor coil (the part that heats up) from its packaging and set this down on a flat surface.

Removing the Apisolis resistor from the packaging

2. Next, pour about 6-8 drops of the Native liquid into the hole at the top of the resistor to prime the part for use in the Apisolis.

Pouring liquid into hole in top of Apisolis resistor

3. Let this liquid soak into the resistor for at least 5 minutes before use.

Let this liquid soak into the resistor

2. Now the resistor is primed, push it into the silicone housing ready to go into the bottom of the liquid reservoir.

Placing Apisolis resistor in silicon housing

3. Fill the liquid reservoir with Native liquid. Make sure to fill right up to the top of the lined area before you place the resistor into the reservoir.

filling Apisolis liquid reservoir

4. Place the resistor into the bottom of the reservoir.

Placing the Apisolis resistor into the bottom of the reservoir

When it is in position the silicone housing should create a watertight seal around the bottom.

placing Apisolis resistor in housing

5. The reservoir can now be slotted into place.

Slot Apisolis reservoir into place

and Apisolis can be activated for use at the hive straight away.

Using Apisolis at the hive

Apisolis is used instead of the traditional smoker; the soothing vapour that is expelled from the Apisolis will trigger the same reaction from the bees as smoke does without the use of combustion.

Apisolis is simple to use; unclip the bellows from their closed position then open and close the bellows. After three puffs of the Apisolis bellows, the unit will beep to signify activation and the cooling vapour will come out of the delivery spout.

The bee keeper can adjust the quantity of vapour by exerting the desired pressure on the unit. No need to switch the unit off- Apisolis turns off automatically when inactive to conserve the battery life.

To recharge the battery, plug the mini USB cable into a power source and into the Apisolis unit at the bottom. The LED will inform the bee keeper when the battery is fully charged.