Photo of a clothes moth killer trap on a clothing hanger.
Photo of a clothes moth killer trap on top of several shirts in a drawer.
Photo of a clothing label.
Photo of the clothes moth killer package container.
Photo of a full unboxing of the clothes moth killer package with the product on top.
Photo of an adult clothes moth.
Photo of the clothes moth killer card.
Clothes Moth Killer

Andermatt Home & Garden

Clothes Moth Killer

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(Subscription option lasts for 24 weeks - 6 x 4 weekly deliveries)

Natural microscopic hunting insects (parasitic wasps, Trichogramma evanescens) which kill clothes moth eggs. These highly mobile helpers will search out clothes moth eggs and kill them therefore preventing the larvae feeding on natural fibers in clothes. Simple to setup and maintenance free, Clothes Moth Killer cards can be used to control clothes moth in cupboards, wardrobes and drawers.

When is best to use?

Clothes moth typically breed May to October, Clothes Moth Killer should be used whenever temperatures are 15-35°C and activity is suspected or adult moths are caught in traps.

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Parasitic wasps are used in stately homes

English Heritage and the National Trust use the same type of technology to protect their priceless stately homes


Let nature’s little helpers take care of your clothes moth, instead of using harsh chemicals in your home

Easy to use

No maintenance required, place the card near your clothes and let the helpers get to work


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How does clothes moth killer work?

Microscopic little helpers on the card are natural predators of clothes moth. They hunt down the eggs by themselves, killing them and preventing new larvae hatching and eating your clothes. Don't worry; the helpers don't interact with humans in any way and die off immediately after.

how to use

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