Photo of the InsectoSec Tape packaging and self-adhesive tape.
Photo and Diagram of Insectosec Tape information.
Photo of the InsectoSec Tape packaging.
Photo of the InsectoSec Tape packaging label.
Graphic design of an Insectosec Tape poster.
Graphic design of Insectosec Tape information.
Graphic design of step-by-step instruction to use the Insectosec Tape.
Diagram of the prevention of bedbugs through the Insectosec Tape.

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InsectoSec® Tape (12m roll)

Sale price£39.99

Bed bug barrier tape for effective bed bug control and prevention for 12 months. The most effective long-term bed bug treatment.
- Lasts 12 months
- Unique patented tape attracts and kills bed bugs
- No pesticides, natural diatomaceous earth powder, safe to use
- Discrete, no disturbance to bedroom
- Patented, HSE-approved in UK, developed by Swedish bed bug experts Nattaro Labs
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Andermatt are members of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association and have been leading biological pest control manufacturers since 1988.

When is best to use?

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Long-term protection

Just peel, stick, then relax! Lasts a year with no disruption the bedroom.

Not a normal tape

Attracts bed bugs using a patented wing design and kills using diatomaceous powder.

Safe for your home

Uses a HSE-approved, natural powder to dehydrate the bug to death. No chemicals.


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How does InsectoSec bed bug tape work?

Bed bugs are attracted to the patented wing design which is an ideal hiding place on the bed. Once on the tape, they get coated in a natural powder that dehydrates them to death. All without chemicals!

how to use

1. Cut and peel

Leaders in biocontrol

Andermatt was founded over 30 years ago by two PhD students, Mr and Mrs Andermatt, who created the world's first plant-protecting baculovirus.

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