GroPure launch

GroPure launch

GroPure is a completely new kind of organic fertiliser. It takes organic matter and uses a breakthrough extraction process to extract the NPK and micronutrients.

GroPure is a completely new kind of organic fertiliser.

It takes organic matter and uses a breakthrough extraction process to extract the NPK and micronutrients before bottling.

Extracted nutrients mean they are immediately available to the plant, rather than being locked up in organic matter that may or may not be broken down.

Chemical fertilisers also have readily-available nutrients, but they are mined or manufactured, and often in salt form which is bad for the soil.

With GroPure, you get a fertiliser that looks chemical and has the same power of a chemical..but is actually organic.

gropure fertiliser in beaker

And that’s not all. GroPure uses organic matter from plant waste, creating a sustainable circular system.

There is no odour or messy brown sludge to deal with either, unlike with old-style organics, which can put people off.

Organic with OF&G certification, GroPure contains a complete blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) along with a mix of micronutrients, GroPure provides all the nutrition your plants need for strong, healthy growth, lush green foliage and vibrantly-coloured flowers.

gropure fertiliser bottle and beaker

And since the minerals are extracted, the NPK and micronutrient ratio can be handpicked just like a chemical fertiliser.

GroPure is therefore available across the entire range with specifically-engineered NPK ratios to ensure the best results. This includes an All Purpose fertiliser, House Plants (in easy-to-use sachets), Fruit and Vegetables, and Lawn Care.

“With the new GroPure range, fertilisers will never be the same again. We hope it will encourage users of chemical fertilisers to go organic,” says Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt. “Traditional organic and chemical fertilisers both have their drawbacks, but GroPure brings the best of both worlds.”


About Andermatt Home and Garden: Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for All! Andermatt was started by two Swiss PhD students, Mr and Mrs Andermatt, who believed strongly in biologicals over chemicals. They created the world’s first plant-protecting baculovirus in 1988. Andermatt has been pioneering biological and sustainable controls for gardeners, farmers and beekeepers ever since. The UK subsidiary was set up in 2017, and is nestled at the feet of the South Downs National Park. Although the Andermatt Group has greatly expanded over the past 35 years, it remains employee-owned to retain its strong core values.

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