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Asian Hornet Trap (Blue/Yellow x1)Asian Hornet Trap (Blue/Yellow x1)
Asian Hornet Trap Ferrules (x4)Asian Hornet Trap Ferrules (x4)
Asian Hornet Trap Ferrules (x4)
Sale priceFrom £9.99
Sale priceFrom £8.75
InsectoNet plastic-free insect netInsectoNet plastic-free insect net
GroPure All-Purpose Organic FertiliserGroPure All-Purpose Organic Fertiliser
Biochar + Rootiliser Soil ImproverBiochar + Rootiliser Soil Improver
Biochar + Rootiliser Soil Improver
Sale priceFrom £6.99
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Sale price£2.75
Compact Chafer beetle trapCompact Chafer beetle trap
Compact Chafer beetle trap
Sale price£26.35
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer KitMightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
Sale priceFrom £10.95
MightyNem® Chafer Grub KillerMightyNem® Chafer Grub Killer
MightyNem® Chafer Grub Killer
Sale priceFrom £10.95
GroPure House PlantsGroPure House Plants
GroPure House Plants
Sale priceFrom £6.55
New Product BundleNew Product Bundle
New Product Bundle
Sale priceFrom £13.77
MightyBug - Ladybird AdultsMightyBug - Ladybird Adults
MightyBug - Ladybird Adults
Sale priceFrom £26.35
GroPure Fruit & VegetableGroPure Fruit & Vegetable
GroPure Fruit & Vegetable
Sale priceFrom £6.55
GroPure Lawn CareGroPure Lawn Care
GroPure Lawn Care
Sale priceFrom £6.55
Compact Chafer beetle trap attractantCompact Chafer beetle trap attractant
Photo of a full Box tree moth trap kit, included with packaging, a trap and a lure.A graphic illustration of a box tree moth trap label.
Compact Box tree moth trap
Sale price£17.55
Photo of Codling moth trap packaging.Photo of a codling moth trap being hung from a tree.
Codling moth trap
Sale price£10.35
Raspberry beetle trap
Raspberry beetle trap
Sale price£21.99
Photo of Codling moth trap packaging.Photo of trapped codling moths thanks to a pheromone lure.
Codling moth trap refill
Sale price£5.95
Box tree moth pheromone label.Photo of an opened pheromone lure.
Box tree moth trap refill
Sale price£5.99
MightyNem® Fruit and VegetablesMightyNem® Fruit and Vegetables
MightyNem® Fruit and Vegetables
Sale priceFrom £10.95
Photo of a MightyNem Vine Weevil Killer label.Photo of a MightyNem Vine Weevil Killer Package.
MightyNem® Vine weevil killer
Sale priceFrom £10.95
MightyNem® Leatherjacket KillerMightyNem® Leatherjacket Killer
MightyNem® Leatherjacket Killer
Sale priceFrom £10.95