Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)

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Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)

Sale price£2.75

Do wasps annoy you when you're trying to relax outdoors? Or are you worried about Asian hornets? Well, dread no more with this clever new device that turns almost any bottle into a wasp and hornet trap for just £2.75!

Simply clip onto the top of any standard drink neck bottle.

  • Have an¬†easy wasp and hornet-free summer¬†with an on-the-go, compact and inexpensive¬†trap
  • Help the environment¬†by reusing bottles and avoiding buying a plastic¬†trap
  • Pair with our powerful Liquid Wasp Attractant which includes a¬†patented bee deterrent¬†to prevent capture of bees

Perfect for the garden or as a portable trap for trips to pub gardens and camping/caravanning excursions.

Also perfect for capturing Asian hornets, which are vicious predators of our bees. This is the ideal time to catch them, as any Asian hornets that are caught will be foundress queens. For every queen caught, it will stop 10,000 Asian hornets being born if they are caught in a trap from now.

The bottle will need an attractant inside it to attract the wasps.

You can use a homemade wasp attractant, or try our ultra-powerful Liquid Wasp Attractant with patented bee deterrent to protect our beneficial pollinators.


When is it best to use? 

Can be used year-round.

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