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Photo of Thymovar packaging outside.

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Expiry date:Nov 2024

Pack of 2 x 5 strips (total 10 strips). Expiry dates of either Nov 2024 or Mar 2026. Varroa mite treatment strips containing 15 g thymol. Thymovar® strips gradually release thymol into the hive which kills varroa mite without harming the honey bees. Approved for use in the UK by Veterinary medicine Directorate (VMD). Pack contains 2 sachets each with 5 strips, enough to treat up to 5 hives.

When is best to use?

After honey harvest.

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Approved for use in the UK by Veterinary medicine Directorate (VMD)

Easy to apply

simply lay strips within the hive

Superior-quality strips

Solid sponge with integrated netting for stability


about the product

Thymovar varroa mite treatment strips are an effective Thymol treatment that help with varroa mite control. Following the honey harvest, simply cut or tear the varroa mite treatment strips to the advised size for your colony and place onto the brood combs. Remove used strips after 3-4 weeks and repeat treatment. This time-saving application is perfectly suitable for organic beekeeping.

If your colony needs feeding it’s advisable to feed your colony before you apply Thymovar. Feeding at this time in the season can induce robbing behaviour and subsequently a re-infestation of varroa. The varroa mite passes from colony to colony by using the bees as a vehicle so discouraging robbing behaviour during treatment is important.

Ensure that they have enough food to last them for 4 weeks, the duration of the first phase of the Thymovar treatment. If they need more food, feed them again once the first lot of varroa mite treatment strips have been taken off. Once the food has been stored by the bees, apply the second phase of varroa mite treatment strips. Feeding sugar fondant instead of liquid syrup may reduce the risk of robbing behaviour, however Thymovar active in the hive may also affect the acceptance of food anyway.

Absolutely, we always advise to use any varroa treatments including Thymovar as part of an ongoing integrated pest management strategy or IPM. Varroa is the biggest pest that the Western honeybee faces and to act as responsible beekeepers we must ensure to manage the honeybees with other treatments as throughout the year. Using Oxuvar, an oxalic acid solution as a winter treatment and as a spring/summer treatment will ensure effective management of the varroa population in your hive all year round.

How does Thymovar thymol strips work?

Pure thymol is released from the strips as vapour, which dissolves the mites limbs and mouths. Thymovar's unique matrix makes it more difficult for the bees to remove the thymol, allowing a long 8-week treatment.

how to use

1. Remove frames

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