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Nattaro Scoutâ„¢ bed bug trapsPhoto of a bed bug volcano trap.
Photo of the InsectoSec Tape packaging and self-adhesive tape.Photo and Diagram of Insectosec Tape information.
InsectoSec® Tape (12m roll)
Sale price£39.99
Nattaro Scoutâ„¢ bed bug refillsNattaro Scoutâ„¢ bed bug refills
Photo of insectosec packaging.Photo of insectosec packaging.
InsectoSec® Pet Care 150g
Sale price£9.45
Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)
InsectoSec® Crawling Insect KillerInsectoSec® Crawling Insect Killer
InsectoSec® Crawling Insect Killer
Sale priceFrom £9.45
GroPure House PlantsGroPure House Plants
GroPure House Plants
Sale priceFrom £6.55
GroPure House Plants PumpGroPure House Plants Pump
GroPure House Plants Pump
Sale price£4.99