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Photo of a clothes moth killer trap on a clothing hanger.Photo of a clothes moth killer trap on top of several shirts in a drawer.
Clothes Moth Killer
Sale price£9.98
Photo of a clothes moth trap and a clothes moth killer.Photo of a clothes moth stuck to a trap.
Clothes Moth Kit
Sale price£11.99
Photo of Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Kit, including packaged lures and traps.Photo of a bed bug volcano trap.
Nattaro Scout bed bug traps
Sale price£29.99
Photo of the InsectoSec Tape packaging and self-adhesive tape.Photo and Diagram of Insectosec Tape information.
InsectoSec Tape (12m roll)
Sale price£49.49
Photo of a clothes moth trap.Clothes Moth Trap
Clothes Moth Trap
Sale price£18.49
Photo of a bed bug lure being opened.Photo of Bed Bug Lure Packaging.
Photo of insectosec packaging.Photo of insectosec packaging.
InsectoSec Pet Care 150g
Sale price£9.99