Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)
Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)

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Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)

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Product Summary:

Pack of 20 yellow card (not plastic) sticky traps to catch and kill a range of gardening and greenhouse pest insects.

Pack includes 20 wire hangers. Sticky traps measure 10 x 25 cm and have ready made holes for easy hanging.

Same performance as yellow plastic sticky traps, just a bit better for the environment!

The product:
Yellow sticky trap to attract and trap a range of flying pest insects including sciarid fly, leaf miners, aphid, leaf hoppers and whitefly

Does not contain chemical pesticide

How to use:

Use the enclosed wire hanger to hang a sticky trap above or around the plants to be protected.

Hang the sticky trap in the required location.
Remove the protective white sheet to expose the dry stick no-mess glue.
Replace the sticky trap as needed when it covered in trapped insects.
Because the traps are made from card, after use the sticky traps can be composted.
Keep traps in a cool dry place until use.


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