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MightyBug - Ladybird LarvaeMightyBug - Ladybird Larvae
MightyBug - Ladybird Larvae
Sale priceFrom £28.85
MightyNem® Chafer Grub KillerMightyNem® Chafer Grub Killer
MightyNem® Chafer Grub Killer
Sale priceFrom £10.95
MightyNem® Fruit and VegetablesMightyNem® Fruit and Vegetables
MightyNem® Fruit and Vegetables
Sale priceFrom £10.95
MightyNem® Leatherjacket KillerMightyNem® Leatherjacket Killer
MightyNem® Leatherjacket Killer
Sale priceFrom £10.95
MightyNem® Box Moth KillerMightyNem® Box Moth Killer
MightyNem® Box Moth Killer
Sale price£10.95
MightyBug - Phytoseiulus Spider Mite KillerMightyBug - Phytoseiulus Spider Mite Killer
MightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly KillerMightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly Killer
MightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly Killer
Sale priceFrom £6.85
Mealybug Killer - LarvaeMealybug Killer - Larvae
Mealybug Killer - Larvae
Sale priceFrom £39.85
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer KitMightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
Sale priceFrom £10.95
Graphic design and photo of the MightyNem Sciarid Fly Killer Label.Graphic design and photo of the MightyNem Sciarid Fly Killer Label.
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer
Sale priceFrom £9.85
Photo of a MightyNem Vine Weevil Killer label.Photo of a MightyNem Vine Weevil Killer Package.
MightyNem® Vine weevil killer
Sale priceFrom £10.95
MightyBug - Ladybird AdultsMightyBug - Ladybird Adults
MightyBug - Ladybird Adults
Sale priceFrom £30.45
MightyBug Distribution Box
MightyBug Distribution Box
Sale price£1.15
Andersoni Thrip KillerAndersoni Thrip Killer
Andersoni Thrip Killer
Sale priceFrom £6.85
Cucumeris Thrip Killer
Cucumeris Thrip Killer
Sale priceFrom £4.15
MightyBug - Any Aphid KillerMightyBug - Any Aphid Killer
MightyBug - Any Aphid Killer
Sale priceFrom £49.35
Aphidius Colemani Aphid KillerAphidius Colemani Aphid Killer
Aphidius Colemani Aphid Killer
Sale priceFrom £10.45
MightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly KillerMightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly Killer
Lacewing Larvae Aphid KillerLacewing Larvae Aphid Killer
Lacewing Larvae Aphid Killer
Sale priceFrom £45.15
Mealybug KillerMealybug Killer
Mealybug Killer
Sale priceFrom £39.85
Photo of MightyNem No Ants Packaging label.Photo of MightyNem No Ants, featuring the original packaging and a bag of nematodes.
MightyNem® No Ants
Sale price£13.15
Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)Yellow Dry Glue Sticky Traps (x20)