Lacewing Larvae Aphid Killer
Lacewing Larvae Aphid Killer

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Lacewing Larvae Aphid Killer

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Size:Small 50sqm (500 larvae)

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MightyBug – Chrysoperla contains a predatory insect (Chrysoperla carnea) which hunts and east aphids. As well as aphid, these MightyBugs will eat lots of other pest insects which don’t run or fly away from it including mealy bugs, scale, mites and whitefly. Commonly known as green lacewing because of the appearance of the wings of the adults, MightyBug – Chrysoperla contains stage 2 larvae which is the life-stage which hunts and eats the most garden pest insects. The generalist diet of lacewing larvae makes them a good addition to protecting plants in a garden, green house, cold frame or conservatory.  

MightyBug – Chrysoperla comes with the predatory insects mixed in with buckwheat husks. This material can either be sprinkled directly onto the areas of the plant which have aphids present or placed within distribution boxes located near to aphid infested parts of the plant.  

MightyBugChrysoperla should be applied at a rate of 10 per square meter. 

  • MightyBug Chrysoperla (500 larvae treats 50m^2)  
  • MightyBugChrysolperla (1,000 larvae treats 100m^2) 


When is it best to use? 















The predatory insect requires temperatures of 15°C to be active. For outdoor use, or in unheated greenhouses this would typically mean it is suitable for use April to September. In heated greenhouses or indoors it can be used year-round as long as temperatures are suitable. 

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