MightyBug - Any Aphid Killer
MightyBug - Any Aphid Killer
MightyBug - Any Aphid Killer

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MightyBug - Any Aphid Killer

Sale price£49.35
Size:Small 50sqm (250 wasps)

*MightyBugs are dispatched on Thursdays.

Aphid predator mix is an effective biological control against aphids.

MightyBug - Aphid predator mix contains a mix of three aphid predators (Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus ab) to allow the product to control a wide range of aphid species without the need for accurate identification of the exact type of aphid present and damaging your plants.

Supplied in a bottle ready to go, simply open to release the MightyBugs to fly and hunt a range of aphid species.

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