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Photo of a full Box tree moth trap kit, included with packaging, a trap and a lure.A graphic illustration of a box tree moth trap label.
Compact Box tree moth trap
Sale price£15.99
Box tree moth pheromone label.Photo of an opened pheromone lure.
Box tree moth trap refill
Sale price£4.99
Photo of Plum Moth Trap outside.Photo of opened lure.
Plum moth trap refill
Sale price£6.99
Photo of Plum Moth Trap packaging label.Graphic design of step by step process of setting up the Plum Moth Trap.
Plum moth trap
Sale price£8.99
Photo of Codling moth trap packaging.Photo of a codling moth trap being hung from a tree.
Codling moth trap
Sale price£8.99
Photo of Codling moth trap packaging.Photo of trapped codling moths thanks to a pheromone lure.
Codling moth trap refill
Sale price£6.99
Photo of a clothes moth trap.Clothes Moth Trap
Clothes Moth Trap
Sale price£18.49
Photo of a clothes moth trap and a clothes moth killer.Photo of a clothes moth stuck to a trap.
Clothes Moth Kit
Sale price£11.99
Photo of the MightyNem Sciarid Fly Killer Kit. Included is the packaging including nematodes and mini yellow sticky traps.Photo of MightyNem Sciarid Fly Killer Kit label.
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
Sale priceFrom £9.49
Photo of Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Kit, including packaged lures and traps.Photo of a bed bug volcano trap.
Nattaro Scout bed bug traps
Sale price£29.99
Photo of a bed bug lure being opened.Photo of Bed Bug Lure Packaging.
Photo of Wasp Trap packaging.Photo of a wasp trap hanging on a garden fence.
Wasp Trap (2 traps)
Sale price£17.99
Photo of the Liquid Wasp Attractant in a plastic bottle.Photo of the Liquid Wasp attractant packaging label.
Liquid Wasp Attractant
Sale priceFrom £9.99
Photo of Raspberry beetle trap packaging.Photo of Raspberry Beetle Trap attractant.
Photo of a bottle of drosalure.Photo of a strawberry affected by Spotted Wing Drosophila, as seen by its 'collapsed' appearance.
DrosaLure SWD Attractant
Sale price£14.98
Photo of a Drosal pro trap.Photo of a fully set up DrosaLure trap.
Drosal® Pro SWD traps
Sale priceFrom £7.99
Photo of a Drosal Pro Kit label.Photo of a full Drosa kit. The kit contains 5 Drosal® Pro traps and 1 L DrosaLure liquid attractant.
Drosal® Pro kit
Sale price£29.98
Photo of a Rebell Carrot Fly Trap outside.Photo of a Rebell Carrot Fly Trap outside.
Rebell® Carrot Fly Trap
Sale price£38.59
Photo of Rebell White Trap hanging and blending in with tree blossoms.Photo of various dead sawfly.
Rebell® White Trap
Sale price£30.98
Photo of an Outdoor Fly Trap hanging outside.Photo of Outdoor Fly Trap Packaging.
Outdoor fly trap
Sale price£14.98
Photo of the liquid attractant on top of a chafer beetle trap.Photo of the full chafer beetle trap containing the funnel and liquid attractant on a field.
Photo of the chafer beetle funnel trap on a field.Product label of the chafer beetle trap.
Chafer beetle trap
Sale price£34.99
Photo and graphic of the topsnap-trap, including information.Graphic packaging of the topsnap trap.
Sale price£50.98
Photo of a mole trap planted outside.TopCat
Sale priceFrom £2.49