MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
Photo of the mini yellow sticky traps.
Photo of Nematodes.

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MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit

Sale price£10.95
Size:10 sqm (Small)

(Subscription option lasts for 18 weeks - 3 x 6 weekly deliveries)

Control both adult flies and sciarid larvae at the same time for improved pest control. Pack contains both insect killing nematodes to control sciarid fly larvae in soil, and Mini yellow sticky traps to catch adult flies. These easy to apply beneficial nematodes are simply mixed in water and applied to the soil around the seedlings, ornamental or fruit plants you want to protect. The nematodes then move through the soil to locate, infect and kill sciarid fly larvae. Mini yellow sticky traps are ideal for use in pots, cold frames and greenhouses. One pack treats either 10 or 20 square meters of soil, containers or pots.

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Excellent product that does the job

Works like a charm!

I brought my chilli plants indoors for the winter and with them came a load of sciarid flies! I was looking for a way to kill them off without using pesticides and came across this kit. I loved how the packaging was eco friendly and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It worked amazingly well, it's been 4 days now and barely any sciarid flies remain. The sticky traps have caught so many of them and I haven't noticed any smaller ones appearing thanks to the nematodes. Overall it was very easy to use and I'll definitely be recommending this to anyone who has sciarid fly issues!

Basia K
It works!

This is my go to product when sciarid flies appear. It always works!
Cannot recommend enough!

Jeremy TS
Sciarid Fly Killer Kit Review

I was looking for a solution to a sciarid fly infestation in my houseplants and you seemed to produce exactly what I needed. I ordered the reasonably priced kit and was kept informed from the moment of the order to the delivery, just a couple of days later. Your communications have all been efficient and professional but really what I’ve enjoyed is that they’re so friendly! It’s not hard to be polite and charming but not every supplier is. I hope the nematodes do their miraculous work, I’m sure they will, but buying them and the yellow sticky fly-catchers from you was a very straightforward and pleasant experience. Thank you for being the nice people I think you must be…

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Targets both life stages

The larvae and the adults, giving you a much higher chance of full eradication

Suitable for organic growing

no chemical pesticides and compostable plastic-free traps. Let the power of nature do the work.


Suitable for use in homes, greenhouses and gardens.


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How does Sciarid fly killer kit work?

Sciarid fly nematodes hunt down the sciarid fly larvae in the soil, burrow inside and kill them. They then reproduce inside the larvae, producing more nematodes to hunt down more sciarid fly until none are left. Mini yellow sticky traps attract and kill the adult sciarid fly. Targeting both life stages drastically increases the change of eradication.

how to use

1. Add to watering can

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