Graphic design and photo of the MightyNem Sciarid Fly Killer Label.
Graphic design and photo of the MightyNem Sciarid Fly Killer Label.
Photo of nematodes.
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer

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MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer

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Size:10 sqm

(Subscription option lasts for 18 weeks - 3 x 6 weekly deliveries)

Insect killing nematode to control sciarid fly larvae in soil. These easy to apply beneficial nematodes are simply mixed in water and applied to the soil around the seedlings, ornamental or fruit plants you want to protect. The nematodes then move through the soil to locate, infect and kill sciarid fly larvae. One pack treats either 10 or 20 square meters of soil, containers or pots.

When is best to use?

For use when sciarid fly are present and soil temperatures are above 10°C.

Customer Reviews

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Simone D
Great service and results within a week

Great service and results were seen within a week. No more flies and I will definitely use Andermatt Home and Garden again.

Works like Magic!

I had a horrible problem with fungus gnats and had no clue what to do. None of my methods worked and so I went to try this nematode kit. OMG! This saved my plants, all the flies were gone in just a week and my damaged plants began coming back to life. This natural solution is so much more effective than any chemical one, so if you have the same problem, don’t hesitate! Buy this!

Kay H
Perfect solution to terrible fly infestation

I had a terrible sciarid fly infestation in my numerous houseplants and opted to use your MightyNem treatment. It arrived within 24 hours and cleared the problem within a few days - if I hadn’t witnessed this myself I wouldn’t have believed the result. Fab speedy service too.

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Suitable for organic growing

no chemical pesticides. Let the power of nature do the work.


Suitable for use in homes, greenhouses and gardens.

Easy to use

Mix in watering can or use a hose end sprayer.


about the product

The larvae can damage the plants and spread disease, whilst the adult gnats are extremely irritating to have flying around your home and can quickly multiply if not taken care of.

Best used fresh, or store package in fridge (4°C) until use. Do not freeze.
1. If applying with a watering, mix contents of pack in a bucket containing 1.5 L of water.

2. Add one third of the bucket contents to a watering can and fill the watering can with additional water.

3. Apply to one third of the area to be treated through a coarse rose. Then repeat the above two steps until all product is used.

4. If applying with a hose end sprayer, mix with water and add to the applicator. Apply evenly over area to be treated.

5. After applying nematodes, additional water should be applied to the treated area to wash nematodes into the soil.

6. Use the entire pack in one go. Do not store opened packs or made up solutions. Soil should be kept moist for 2 weeks after application to help the nematodes work.

When soil temperatures are above 10 degrees C, so usually May to October.

How do sciarid fly nematodes work?

Sciarid fly nematodes hunt down the sciarid fly larvae in the soil, burrow inside and kill them. They then reproduce inside the larvae, producing more nematodes to hunt down more sciarid fly until none are left. For best results, buy our Sciarid Fly Kit which also contains sticky traps to target the adults as well. Targeting both life stages drastically improves chances of eradication.

how to use

1. Add to watering can

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