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Asian Hornet Trap (Blue/Yellow x1)Asian Hornet Trap (Blue/Yellow x1)
Asian Hornet Trap Ferrules (x4)Asian Hornet Trap Ferrules (x4)
Asian Hornet Trap Ferrules (x4)
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Photo of Formicpro packaging, which contains 2X2 Strips.Formicpro‚ĄĘ
Sale priceFrom £22.99
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Photo of MAQs packaging.Photo of MAQs packaging.
Sale priceFrom £22.99
Photo of a beehive with Thymovar applied.Photo of Thymovar packaging.
Sale priceFrom £19.99
Photo of Varrox Eddy.Photo of Varrox Eddy.
Varrox EDDY
Sale priceFrom £11.49
Photo of varrox vaporizer, featuring the heating plate.Photo of varrox vaporizer treating a beehive.
Varrox vaporizer
Sale price£161.95
Liquid Wasp AttractantLiquid Wasp Attractant
Liquid Wasp Attractant
Sale priceFrom £9.99
Photo of a beekeeper using the automatic syringe on a beehive. Photo of the full product. It includes a container and a hand adjusted syringe for trickle application.
Automatic Syringe
Sale price£113.90
Photo of Wasp Trap packaging.Photo of a wasp trap hanging on a garden fence.
Wasp Trap (2 traps)
Sale price£26.35
Photo of opened Varroa EasyCheck container and instruction manual.Photo of Varroa EasyCheck container.
Varroa EasyCheck
Sale price£22.49
Photo of Oxuvar container.Photo of Oxuvar being emptied into a spray bottle.
Oxuvar 5.7% - for spraying
Sale priceFrom £14.99
Photo of Oxuvar being applied to a beehive.Photo of Oxuvar container.
Oxuvar 5.7% - for trickling
Sale priceFrom £14.99
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Tap Trap Wasp Trap (x1)
Sale price£2.75
Apisolis VapouriserApisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Sale priceFrom £11.99
Tap Trap / Wasp Attractant BundleTap Trap / Wasp Attractant Bundle
Wasp Trap Ferrules (x4)Wasp Trap Ferrules (x4)
Wasp Trap Ferrules (x4)
Sale priceFrom £9.99