Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser
Apisolis Vapouriser

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Apisolis Vapouriser

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Product:Apisolis kit (1 smoker, 1 x 120 ml liquid)

Apisolis is the new generation of bee hive smoker that is better for your and the bees' health, and environmentally-friendly.

The patented liquid produces a soothing vapour which active ingredients made from essential oils. The temperature is automatically regulated.

Say goodbye to you and your bees inhaling toxic chemicals, or posing a combustion risk.


The Apisolis kit has everything you need: the smoker, all the component parts and the liquid that it used in it (this includes the smoker bellows and power source, 1 resistor and the silicone housing that the resistor fits in, a plastic a USB charger, liquid reservoir and a bottle of liquid)

The Smoker has everything but the liquid: smoker bellows and power source, 1 resistor and the case to house it in, a plastic a USB charger and liquid reservoir.

We also sell the patented liquid and resistors separately.

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Eeles
Smokeless "smoker"

I bought this last year when we were in the midst of a severe drought and I was becoming concerned about starting a fire. I also found that a normal smoker was really making my eyes burn so decided to buy this from the website. Initially it worked really well but then it stopped, no matter what I did looking at the rather insubstantial instructions. I contacted the website on a Sunday, thinking it would be a day or two before I heard anything but I had an almost immediate response which is amazing. It appeared that my vapouriser had a manufacturing fault. It took about 10 days for the spare part to arrive (from France) and it was a simple matter of installing. Since then, it has been working well. However, sometimes the bees do not seem to even notice the vapour and seem to enjoy "attacking" the vapouriser. All in all, for environmental concerns, it is definitely a winner.

Works really well

I purchased the Apisolis with Natural oils and the 5 pack of Resisters, they came super quick and I am very happy with the product. I am only a hobby beekeeper but the Apisolis seems to work really well and is a lot more environmentally friendly. I look forward to using you again in the future.

Decent alternative to traditional smoker

I decided to buy this for two reasons: inhaling smoke from my regular smoker is irritating my lungs more and more, and with the ground being very dry I was worried about starting a grass fire. Although I am still avoiding breathing in the vapours from the Apisolis smoker just to be on the safe side, I get very little irritation from the vapour, so for that reason alone I am quite happy with my purchase.

The smoker is easy to assemble, but to refill the tank you do need to take the resistor out. Not difficult, but to fiddly to do while wearing gloves. The manual is not great, but the smoker is extremely easy to use and you soon learn how to pump to get the most smoke out of it. The company is very helpul, I had reason to email Apisolis on a Sunday when I thought the smoker was broken (see below) and got a very nice reply within a few hours. My main annoyance is the lack of a stand of some sort to keep it upright when in use. Do not lean it on the spout - it will dislodge the tank and it will start beeping and flashing at you (just push tank back in and you're good to go). I now lean it backwards against a brick while not in use.

Some bees react as they would to smoke, some react differently, but all in all it seems almost as effective as regular smoke. I didn't think I would trust it for taking the honey off, but I just did that yesterday and the bees didn't mind at all. Not sure if it was all the smoker, but it certainly kept them preoccupied. So far, so good!


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Unique NATIVE formula

No fire risk, no inhaling toxic fumes and gentler on your bees. The patent-filed NATIVE formula uses a unique blend of essential oils and plant extracts that has been extensively tested on honey bees. NATIVE is the new alterative to the carcinogenic smoke that smokers produce. It is more comfortable for both you and your bees.

How to use

1. Pour in liquid

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