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Size:2-dose (Feb 2026)

The active ingredient in Formicpro‚ĄĘ mite treatment strips is formic acid. Each Formicpro‚ĄĘ mite strip formulation concentrates the formic acid to be an effective toxic bio-pesticide. Formicpro‚ĄĘ mite strips contain 68.2g of formic acid and brown semi-rigid to soft gel covered in a biodegradable laminated paper. The paper wrap acts as a wick to control the release of the formic acid vapours into the hive.

Formic acid is commonly found in many plants and is a natural component of honey. When placed in your hive Formicpro‚ĄĘ mite strips release formic acid vapours which are toxic to the varroa mite. Formicpro‚ĄĘ kills both male and female varroa mites under the brood cap where they reproduce and any mites existing on the bees. Formicpro‚ĄĘ 2 dose strips can be used throughout the active season with zero withdrawal period. Honey supers for consumption must be removed for the duration of the treatment.

When is best to use?

To protect your colony going into the spring/summer honey flow, use Formicpro‚ĄĘ 2 dose whilst the colony expands in size in the spring. To protect your colony going into the winter and protect the bees that will make up the winter cluster, use Formicpro‚ĄĘ varroa mite treatment as the colony begins to reduce in number in late summer/autumn.

Formicpro‚ĄĘ can be used throughout the active season but is best applied to the hive when the outdoor temperature range is¬†between 10-29.5¬įC. Formicpro‚ĄĘ will have the most impact on the varroa in your hive when the outdoor temperature range is between¬†15-25¬įC.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Gomez Mate

Good purchasing experience. Fast delivery and very competitive prices.

Jo P
Formic Pro arrived 24 hours after ordering

Formic Pro arrived today - just 24 hours after ordering.
Thank you for the very prompt response on email query and also delivery.
My honey bees will be happy as well.
Now we - another beekeeper and myself, have found you, we will use your company again. Thank you

Luisa C
Your excellent service deserves a shout out

I would like to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with your service.
I emailed you yesterday, you promptly replied and I placed my order and less than 24 hours after my purchase arrived!
I don’t usually leave reviews, but your excellent service deserves a shout out.
I will be a returning customer and have already recommended you to a friend!
Thank you

Dry quick

Looking for FormicPro and Google came up with this site. Good price and reasonable postage. Ordered Sunday and arrived Tuesday morning, very well packaged. Very happy with service, thank you.

Denise S
Thank you for my order of Formic Pro

Thank you for my order of Formic Pro. Ordering was easy and quick. Delivery was prompt as promised. I will definitely be re ordering more soon on behalf of Meridian Beekeepers Association.

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Simple strips

Easy to apply, simply lay in the hive and can leave there


A VMD-registered treatment for use in the UK.

Kills mites under the brood cap

targets where most of the mites are in the hive


about the product

Formic Pro is the next generation product to the Mite Away Quick Strips formulation. Formic Pro and MAQS have the same active ingredient (formic acid).

They differ from each other in two main ways: MAQS has a 12-month shelf life, whereas
Formic pro has a 24-month shelf life. Secondly, MAQs needs to be stored below 25¬įC,
whereas Formicpro doesn’t (it just needs to be stored out of direct sunlight).

Both Formic pro strips and MAQS strips are applied for a period of 7 days using 2 strips and
both can be composted when treatment is complete.

Formic pro treatment strips each have 68.2 grams of the active ingredient formic acid. This is toxic to the varroa mites but not to the bees. The rest of the strip is made of polysaccharide gel which acts as the platform to release the formic acid vapours as well as the paper wick that the formulation is wrapped in. These ingredients are bio-degradable and can be composted when the treatment has finished.

Formicpro mite treatment should be used when the outdoor temperature range is between 10-29.5 ¬įC and the weather conditions are fair. The bees play an important role in circulating the formic acid vapours throughout the hive so fair weather is the best time to do this. If there is heavy rain forecast in the 7-day period that you choose to carry out the treatment, it would be best to select another time to carry out the treatment.

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NOD Apiary Products strives to bring the most sustainable, convenient and effective bee products to the global marketplace, including MAQs and Formicpro.

VMD-approved Oxalic acid treatment - trickling or spraying


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