We aim to get rid of the bad bugs in your garden, whilst protecting the good bugs such as bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

We believe that getting the most out of your garden doesn’t have to come at a cost to the environment.

We aim for biological and other natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, taking inspiration from nature, as well as a minimal environmental footprint.


Andermatt was started by two Swiss PhD students, Dr Martin and Isobel Andermatt, who believed strongly in biologicals over chemicals, and created the world’s first plant-protecting baculovirus in 1988.

Nematode production was started a year later.

The UK subsidiary was set up in 2017, and is nestled at the feet of the South Downs National Park.

Although it has expanded massively, Andermatt remains employee-owned to retain its strong core values.

See our Teams page to get to know the UK team.

The Andermatt Group has subsidiaries all over the world including France, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK.

What products have we developed?

We’re constantly developing new, often unique, technologies.

In the garden we have a range of MightyNem® nematodes, and the Natural and Mighty pheromone traps.

We have also expanded to develop biological products in the home, such as fleas on cats and dogs.


We also strive to support sustainable beekeeping. Without bees, our crops would not grow. Andermatt have developed biological control products to protect bees against varroa mite year-round since 1994, including VMD-approved Thymovar in 2010, Oxuvar in 2016 and the innovative Varrox EDDY in 2022.

What can you expect from us?

Novel and market leading products 

Our diverse range of products provide tools to help you enjoy outdoor living, grow better plants, produce more to harvest and control pests and diseases. Why? For the past 30 years, Andermatt Biocontrol have been innovators. Finding and developing new technologies to help gardeners and home owners. It is what we do.

Innovative customer support 

Andermatt is committed to supporting our customers to make our products easier to understand and use.

Why? Using new products can sometimes be daunting and stop you from trying them. Worse still, you buy something and then do not use it correctly meaning it does not work well. Explaining how to best use our products with easy to follow steps makes everything easier.

Helping the environment 

All that we do is with helping the environment in mind. In addition to our products replacing less environmentally sustainable options, how we get our products to you is also important. We know we are not perfect, there are still improvements to make and we will keep you updated through our sustainability journey.

Some of the steps we have taken already:

  • Packaging is specifically designed to help customers recycle. Andermatt UK is a member of On-Pack Recycling Logo Ltd (http://www.oprl.org.uk/) giving simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message to help consumers recycle more material, more often.
  • Most of the card labels and boxes for Andermatt Home and Garden products are made from recycled (minimum 70%) material.
  • Where used, envelopes do not have plastic address windows. This reduces plastic use and makes recycling easier.
  • All company paper waste is shredded and then composted. This reduces material which goes to landfill.
  • All company tea bags are composted after use. We drink a lot of tea!

Why? Often simple steps can reduce the impact we have on the environment.