Photo of Oxuvar being applied to a beehive.
Photo of Oxuvar container.
Photo of sugar being mixed with Oxuvar.
Photo of Oxuvar container.
Photo of Oxuvar packaging label.
Photo of Oxuvar being mixed with sugar.
Photo of Oxuvar being applied to a beehive.

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Oxuvar 5.7% - for trickling

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Oxuvar 5.7% is a concentrated solution to be mixed with sugar for trickle applications to honey bee hives against varroa mite. Trickle applications of Oxuvar 5.7% should be made as a single treatment. Oxuvar 5.7% is available in two pack sizes (275g or 1kg) depending on the number of hives to be treated. Approved for use in the UK by Veterinary medicine Directorate (VMD).

When is best to use?

Winter treatment.

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A VMD-registered treatment for use in the UK.


Formulated to give a lower dose of oxalic acid dihydrate better suited to our cooler UK climate

Better than spray application

Longer-lasting and less bee disturbance than spray applications.


about the product

Oxuvar from Andermatt is a versatile product that can be used in the active beekeeping season and in the winter season when the bees are not as active. The best temperature range to apply Oxuvar in the trickle formation is between +5 and -15°C.

In the winter, Oxuvar can be warmed gently in a bowl of water and sugar added with simple a ratio of 1:1, so for example for the 275g bottle of Oxuvar you need to add 275g of sugar. The bottle is then closed and shaken to dissolve the sugar into the solution and the treatment can be applied to the colony.

Yes, the solution can be applied directly from the bottle. Once the sugar is mixed into the solution, this can be done by using the automatic syringe from Andermatt which connects directly onto the bottle. The automatic syringe conveniently measures each dosage amount for you so once you set the amount (about 5-6ml per occupied row) you can apply the 50ml of Oxuvar per hive accurately every time. You can also apply Oxuvar to your colony via a hand syringe with a gauge so you can measure out each dose as you apply it.

It’s best to apply Oxuvar in the trickle form when the colony is broodless. This occurs in the UK on or around the winter solstice, but this will vary depending on where your colony is in the UK. The queen will naturally stop laying for a period during the winter but will begin to lay the first batch of eggs for the new seasons bees when the colony decides.

Being able to identify the brood less period will give Oxuvar a high level of effectiveness on the varroa mites. The size of population of the varroa mite in the colony during the broodless period will dictate how big the population gets in the following season. It’s important to use this opportunity to control the bee mite population before it gets too big to manage.

When trickled onto the bees in the winter, Oxuvar is passed throughout the colony by the bees and the sugar ensures that the bees pass it to every member of the colony. Oxuvar then sticks to the bees and encounters the phoretic mites in the hive, killing them. Therefore, it’s best to treat your colonies when they are brood less because the mite population will be solely on the bees and not existing within any sealed brood.

No, we only ship to the UK.

Meet our bee health specialist

As a former bee farmer and with 20 colonies of his own, Dylan brings extensive beekeeping knowledge.

VMD-approved Oxalic acid treatment - trickling or spraying


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