Photo of Oxuvar container.
Photo of Oxuvar being emptied into a spray bottle.
Photo of Oxuvar label packaging.
Photo of Oxuvar container.
Photo of Oxuvar being emptied into a spray bottle.
Photo of Oxuvar being sprayed onto a beehive.

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Oxuvar 5.7% - for spraying

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Oxuvar 5.7% is a concentrated solution to be mixed with water for spray applications to honey bee hives against varroa mite. Oxuvar is available in two pack sizes (275g or 1kg) depending on the number of hives to be treated. Approved for use in the UK by Veterinary medicine Directorate (VMD).

When is best to use?

Broodless colonies as Autumn/Winter and/or spring/summer treatment.

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A VMD-registered treatment for use in the UK.

Safe formulation

Formulation leaves no gluing of wings or hairs to protect your bees.


Has a high efficacy of over 95%.


about the product

Oxuvar 5.7% oxalic acid solution is a versatile varroa treatment that can be used in different ways throughout the year. Providing the temperature outside the hive is averaging above 8°C, Oxuvar can be applied as a spray at any time of the year.

To use in the spray form simply dilute the oxalic acid solution with 250ml of water for the 275g bottle, replace the cap and shake well. Then decant into your spray bottle and proceed to spray about 2-4ml on each side of bee covered frames. This prepared solution will be enough to treat between 5-10 colonies. It’s best to apply Oxuvar spray onto a broodless colony to ensure that no varroa mites are in the sealed brood of the hive. This also makes Oxuvar spray perfect for treating collected swarms, artificial swarms, and splits that you make from larger colonies.

Oxuvar can be applied to any hive type in either the spray application or the trickle application via a syringe or the Andermatt automatic syringe. The versatile solution can be used on any size of hive. Because Oxuvar is made of oxalic acid, a natural compound the treatment only affects the varroa mite not the honeybees.

Oxuvar (and all bee health products from Andermatt Home and Garden) are registered with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (the VMD) which means Oxuvar is a product that is legal to apply to your honeybees in the UK. If you apply unregistered Oxalic Acid to your hives and a residue of this is found in your hive or your honey, you can be in trouble for this. Oxuvar has been manufactured and calculated to the correct dosage to your hives. The treatment comes in a convenient bottle for application so makes treating simple. Just add either water or sugar and mix and it is ready to apply.

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As a former bee farmer and with 20 colonies of his own, Dylan brings extensive beekeeping knowledge.

VMD-approved Oxalic acid treatment - trickling or spraying


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