Liquid Wasp Attractant
Liquid Wasp Attractant
Liquid Wasp Attractant
Liquid Wasp Attractant
Photo of the Liquid Wasp attractant packaging label.
Photo of the Liquid Wasp Attractant container with a size of 5 litres.
Photo of the Liquid Wasp attractant packaging label.

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Liquid Wasp Attractant

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Ready-to-use, extremely powerful, pesticide-free liquid wasp and hornet attractant. Simply pour into any trap.

Formulated with a patented bee deterrent, which prevents capture of these beneficial pollinators.

Can also be used to catch Asian hornets.

Since Andermatt is committed to sustainability, it comes in a recycled plastic bottle which itself is recyclable.

Can be used with our Wasp Trap.

See video review from Pest Interceptors:

When is best to use?

Can be used throughout the year, however wasps are most commonly a pest during August to October.

Customer Reviews

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Wasp attractant

This works really well - I had to empty the traps frequently. It really reduced the problems we were having in the garden with wasps. Our neighbour farms bees so we were concerned. However not a single bee ended up in the trap. As a bonus, a lot of flies and horseflies did get trapped (maybe lured by the decay?) I would use the accompanying yellow traps - I tried some of the amazon beehive traps as well and things got messy with the rain adding to the attractant and then getting out the holes, then you end up with wasps baited to the puddle beneath the trap (even watched a wasp squeeze out the top!). I would highly recommend.

Paula D
Thank you so much

Thank you so much for this product, we have 3 hives, one of which is relatively small, the wasps were targeting it specifically... having put 2 wasp catchers out with your wasp attractant product we have diminished the majority of interest, in 2 days alone.


Works well with the wasp traps

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made from recycled material, which is again recyclable


patented bee deterrent to protect these beneficial pollinators


no harsh chemicals


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Tackle wasps head-on

Trapping individual foraging wasps also prevents them sharing information on your location (and that of your food source) with their colony, which could increase the number of wasps attracted to you

VMD-approved Oxalic acid treatment - trickling or spraying


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Andermatt was founded over 30 years ago by two PhD students, Mr and Mrs Andermatt, who created the world's first plant-protecting baculovirus.

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