Photo of MAQs packaging.
Photo of MAQs packaging.
Graphic design and photo of MAQs poster showing factual information about the product.
Graphic design and photo of MAQs poster showing factual timeline information about seasonal products.
Graphic design and photo of MAQs poster showing factual information about the product.
Diagram about the step-by-step process of MAQs on bee hives.
Diagram showing the step-by-step usage of MAQs on beehives.
Graphic design of MAQs facts.
Photo of a beehive including facts about MAQs.
Photo of a beehive including facts about MAQs.

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Expiry: 11/22. Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) are polysaccharide gel strips containing 68.2g of Formic acid, an acid found in nature used as a defence mechanism by ants. The MAQS strips can be placed in the hive during a honey flow and will leave no trace. The main ingredients are food grade sugar and starch with a compostable paper wrap. Formic acid, the active ingredient in MAQS is toxic to the varroa mite and kills the mites where they reproduce, under the brood cap.

When is best to use?

MAQS can be used throughout the active season but is best applied to the hive when the outdoor temperature is above 10°C. MAQS will have the most impact on the varroa in your hive when the outdoor temperature is between 15-25°C.

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Jem Westing
Reliable and effective treatment if instructions are followed properly

I've used MAQS several times over the years. I've never had any severe losses and the colonies have coped very well. It is a strong treatment and so you do need to ensure that you're giving the colony good ventilation as stated in the instructions. I'm very happy to keep buying MAQS as part of my alternating-treatments plan. Andermatt always seem to sell them at a reasonable price so long may that continue!

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Simple strips

Easy to apply, simply lay in the hive and leave.


A VMD-registered treatment for use in the UK.

Works during honeyflow

Zero withdrawal period, can be applied during honeyflow.


about the product

Yes, MAQS can be used when you have honey supers on. It does not flavour or taint the honey in any way and infact it is advisable to leave a colony with at least a super on the hive to ensure that there are stores of food. If a super is left on the hive this gives the added benefit of space for the bees to move up into should they need it. If there are no supers on the hive, another option is to leave an empty box for space.

It’s not recommended to freeze MAQS as this does not prolong its shelf life. Storage of MAQS at a colder temperature will ensure that MAQS is kept fresh throughout the 12-month shelf life of the product. MAQS must be stored below 25°C and out of direct sunlight. MAQS should be stored in a dry place in the original container in a well ventilated area, away from sulphuric acid, oxidizing agents, and sources of ignition. Keep the container tightly closed. One sachet (inner packaging) is opened, use the strips immediately.

No, it's imperative that adequate ventilation in the hive is in place throughout the treatment. If enough fresh air isn't allowed to circulate, problems can occur such as a colony absconding and queen loss. Leaving the open mesh floor open is a good way to ensure there is enough ventilation in the hive.

A study by Randy Oliver found a 4-5% reduction in efficacy from an open mesh floor over a solid floor, but both had over a 90% drop in varroa mite loads. Ventilation is much more important than a minor efficacy reduction. At an absolute minimum, we recommend that the entrance block is removed from the brood box. If the colony is
running on a double brood box, you can also set the second brood box back to create a temporary entrance that will increase ventilation.

How do MAQs strips work?

Formic acid is gradually released as vapour thanks to the Ecoflex® wrapping. This penetrates the brood cap and kills the mites, mostly in 3 days. No residues are left, so honey supers can be left in and harvested the day after treatment.

how to use

1. Remove entrance block

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