InsectoNet plastic-free insect net
InsectoNet plastic-free insect net
InsectoNet plastic-free insect net
InsectoNet plastic-free insect net
InsectoNet plastic-free insect net
InsectoNet plastic-free insect net

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InsectoNet plastic-free insect net

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Looks like plastic, made from plants. 100% biodegradable insect net.

And just because it’s plastic-free doesn’t mean it’s low quality, either.

  • Protects against the smallest pests - very fine 0.85 mm mesh size, including aphids, leafminers, cabbage white butterfly and carrot root fly
  • Also protects against mild frosts, heavy rain and wind
  • Minimal disruption to light and air – extremely high 88% light penetration and high airflow
  • Won’t fray when cut – due to high-quality weaved manufacturing process
  • Lasts at least 3 years, compostable after use

Because Andermatt Home and Garden are fully committed to sustainability, we’ve made sure it comes in recyclable paper packaging, too.

Arrives as a single large piece of fabric 2.1 by 5.0 metres, can be easily cut to size.

Traditional plastic nets are made from petroleum. These take hundreds of years to degrade in landfill, are potentially harmful to wildlife once discarded, and leach toxins into the soil. Now gardeners can easily protect their plants without plastic using InsectoNet.

When is best to use?

Apply to plants after planting or sowing up until harvest.
Time of use depends on plant and pest.
Do not use during flowering period for plants which require pollination.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Last year I had major problems with carrot fly. This year I have put in raised beds and covered one with the netting, it has had an added bonus for me, the netting has helped immensely to protect all the vegetables in the bed from adverse weather, so they are growing well. Next year I will probably buy more netting for the other bed. Thank you, 5 stars from me.

Never arrived

This product never arrived. I wrote to explain but have not heard back. So far pretty disappointed!


Super item, easy to use and effective.

Very happy

Am so pleased with this product I have bought some more for my allotment.

Working well!

Am very pleased with this product. It feels and handles much better than plastic equivalents. So far it is working well. Fingers crossed that continues!

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Water over the top, no need to lift.

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