Photo of Raspberry beetle trap packaging.
Photo of Raspberry Beetle Trap attractant.
Photo of raspberry beetle trap packaging.
Photo of raspberry beetle trap packaging label.
Photo of raspberry beetle.
Photo of an opened raspberry beetle trap lure.
Photo of Raspberry beetle trap packaging with included lures.

Andermatt Home & Garden

Raspberry beetle trap attractant

Sale price£9.25

Replacement attractant lure for use in any Raspberry beetle trap with a lure basket in the lid (recommended for use with Andermatt Home & Garden Raspberry beetle trap). It can also be used to attract the beetles to Rebell white sticky traps. This lure lasts 6 weeks from opening. This plant extract attracts adult Raspberry beetles (Byturus tomentosus) to a trap. Use of Raspberry beetle traps allows a user to identify risk to plants and take action before beetle larvae burrow into the fruit.

When is best to use?

For use when adult beetles are active before egg laying.

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Effective trapping system

Attracts both sexes, unlike pheromone traps which only attract males.

easy to set up pheromone trap

compact box tree moth trap

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