BioFleeceĀ® 30 (2x10m)
BioFleeceĀ® 30 (2x10m)
BioFleeceĀ® 30 (2x10m)
BioFleeceĀ® 30 (2x10m)

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BioFleeceĀ® 30 (2x10m)

Sale priceĀ£18.99

Looks like plastic, made from plants. 100% biodegradable heavy-duty frost fleece.
Protect your plants down to -6Ā°C.
Use BioFleece to create a pocket of air around plants to protect them from frosts.
Easy to cut with scissors, BioFleeceĀ® can be adjusted to any size and shape required.


When is it best to use?Ā 

Can be used year round, although frost protection is mostly needed October to April.


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Andermatt was founded over 30 years ago by two PhD students, Mr and Mrs Andermatt, who created the world's first plant-protecting baculovirus.

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