Nattaro Scoutâ„¢ bed bug traps
Photo of a bed bug volcano trap.
Photo of Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Kit, including packaged lures and traps.
Nattaro Scoutâ„¢ bed bug traps
Photo of bed bug volcano trap next to bed.
Photo of bed bug trap, lure and packaging.
Photo of bed bug lure packaging.
Graphic of bed bug packaging and information.
Photo of bed bug trap and lure next to bed, and diagram with information.
Graphic of bed bug trap information.
Diagram of how a bed bug trap works.
Photo of bed bug lure being opened.
Graphic of step by step use for bed bug lure and volcano trap.

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Nattaro Scoutâ„¢ bed bug traps

Sale price£37.35

Easy to setup bed bug trap effectively catches and kills bed bugs, Cimex lectularius, to protect against bed bug infestation. The most accurate bed bug trap, detecting at the lowest levels for the most effective bed bug control and monitoring.
- Great value including 2 reusable traps and 2 lures
- Pesticide-free - uses a unique mix of bed bug attractants
- Patented design
- Bed bugs cannot escape once caught
- No mess or glue
- Unaffected by dust
- Reusable for years with refills available
Ingenious Swedish technology developed by Nattaro Labs, the leading bed bug experts worldwide.
Use 1 lure per trap, each lure lasts for 4 weeks.

When is best to use?

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Most accurate bed bug trap

Unique mix of attractants detects bed bugs at the lowest levels.

Great value

2 traps and 2 lures. Reusable for years and unaffected by dust.

Patented technology

Volcano design by Nattaro Labs means bugs can’t escape once caught.


about the product

Bed bug signs include:

- Bites on your skin
- Red, black or brown spots and stains on your mattress made up of flecks of blood and fecal matter.
- You may also be able to spot one crawling around on your mattress at night when they come out to feed. During the day they hide in the tiniest of crevices on your bed or the surrounding area, so are very hard to see.

The most reliable way to check for bed bugs is to use a monitoring trap like this one. Nattaro Scout is an early detection trap; it can detect bed bugs at the lowest levels so you can get on top of the problem when you have just a few bugs, rather than it being an out of control infestation that will be a lot harder to eradicate.

Using a high-quality trap like Nattaro Scout, as well as InsectoSec tape. InsectoSec tape is taped around your bedframe and also attracts and kills bed bugs.

If you use a professional treatment, we highly recommend using InSectoSec tape which has been proven to drastically reduce reinfestation rates.

Place anywhere at risk for bed bugs, such as by a bed leg. Use at a rate of two per bed.

How does Nattaro Scout bed bug trap work?

Nattaro's unique mix of attractants in the lure simulate a bed bug aggregation, strongly attracting even the smallest amount of bed bugs. Once inside, the patented volcano design prevents the bed bugs from escaping.

how to use

1. Insert lure

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