Box tree moth pheromone label.
Photo of an opened pheromone lure.
Photo of a lure being inserted into the top of the pheromone trap.
Diagram depicting step by step instructions of how to use the box tree moth pheromone.
Diagram with informative information about replacement and timescales of product usage.
Photo of a box tree moth.
Photo of the box tree moth pheromone product covers and packages.
Diagram of the box tree moth lure label.
Diagram including timescale photos of the box tree moth pheromone usage. One is before use, and one is after use.
Diagram of the prevented cycle of a box tree moth thanks to the pheromone trap intrusion.

Andermatt Home & Garden

Box tree moth trap refill

Sale price£5.99

(Subscription option lasts for 18 weeks - 3 x 6 weekly deliveries)

Refill pheromone lure for use in any box tree moth trap with a pheromone basket in the lid (recommended for use with Andermatt Home & Garden Box tree moth trap). This lure lasts 6 weeks from opening. This pheromone attracts adult box tree moths (Cydalima perspectalis) to a funnel trap. Use of Box tree moth traps allows a user to identify risk to plants and take action before caterpillar feeding symptoms appear on the plants.

When is best to use?

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mary H

Sadly this did not work. No moths were trapped, yet fresh eggs found on box bushes

Chris Davies

Our box hedge was damaged by the moth caterpillars last year and we were advised by an assistant at a local garden centre to dig it up. However, a Google search for advice came up with this trap, which we bought from Andermatt, and it worked perfectly. The hedge has totally rejuvenated, with some feeding. The refills are just what we need and have prepared the trap again ready for the influx of moths this year - having ordered more refills.

Geoffrey Carr

As always, excellent, prompt execution of order. Very satisfied

Charles C
In the third year of use

In the third year of use, the 4 pheromone lures in my garden regularly attract box moths in the summer months. It is a very effective way of reducing the box moth population, along with regular spraying.


Arrived promptly. Seems to work well.

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Natural female box moth pheromone attracts the male moths. Use the power of biology instead of pesticides.


Only attracts box moth, keeping bees and butterflies safe in your garden.

Minimal packaging

We keep all packaging to a minimum. Full instructions are included on the envelope to save paper.


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How does a box tree moth trap work?

The lure inside emits the female box tree moth pheromone, which attracts the male. The male gets caught in the trap and dies. This prevents breeding and egg laying, and in turn the hatching of more caterpillars.

how to use

1. Open lure

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