MightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly Killer
MightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly Killer
MightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly Killer

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MightyBug - Encarsia WhiteFly Killer

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Size:Small 50sqm (5 cards)

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MightyBug – Encarsia contains a parasitoid wasp (Encarsia formosa) which hunts and kills whitefly. The Encarsia beneficial insects will fly around searching for whitefly which are typically found hidden on the underside of leaves on a wide range of garden flowering, fruit and vegetable plant. Distributed within the plant canopy Encarsia will emerge from the cards they arrive on and parasitise larvae and pupae of whitefly species commonly found on plants grown in the UK indoors and in greenhouses. Encarsia can also kill Brassica whitefly (Aleyrodes proletella) which can be found in UK on outdoor brassica vegetables such as cabbages, Brussels sprouts and kale.  

MightyBug – Encarsia come as a white card with a hanger designed to allow the wasp card to be hung from leaves of plants in the area to be treated. The MightyBug - Encarsia cards are simply hung within the plant and left with no maintenance required.  

MightyBug – Encarisa should be applied at a rate of 1 card per 10 square meters. 

One pack treats either 50, 100, 200 or 500 square meters depending on pack size. 

  • MightyBug - Encarsia containing 5 cards treats 50 sqm
  • MightyBug - Encarsia containing 10 cards treats 100m sqm 
  • MightyBug - Encarsia containing 25 cards treats 200m sqm  
  • MightyBug - Encarsia containing 50 cards treats 500m sqm  

When is it best to use? 















The parasitic wasp requires temperatures of 17°C to be active. In unheated greenhouses, this would typically mean it is suitable for use April to October. In heated greenhouses or indoors it can be used year-round as long as temperatures are suitable. 

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