MightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly Killer
MightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly Killer
MightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly Killer
MightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly Killer

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MightyBug - Hypoapsis Sciarid Fly Killer

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Size:Small 10sqm (2000 mites)

(Subscription option lasts for 12 weeks - 3 x 4 weekly deliveries)

*MightyBugs are dispatched on Thursdays.
MightyBug – Hypoaspis contains a predatory mite (Hypoaspis miles) which hunts and eats a range of soil living pest insects including sciarid fly (fungus gnats).

Hypoaspis is one of the MightyBugs which likes to live in the soil. Applied to growing media around the base of plants, Hypoaspis moves through the top layer of soil hunting soil-living pests such as eggs and larvae of sciarid fly (fungus gnats), shorefly and thrips pupae which have fallen to the soil to pupate. So small it is invisible to the naked eye, these tiny predatory mites are great at keeping down fly populations in greenhouses, indoor pot plants and seedling trays.

One pack treats either 10, 25 or 50 square meters depending on pack size. 

  • MightyBug - Hypoaspis containing 2,000 mites treats 10m sqm 
  • MightyBug - Hypoaspis containing 5,000 mites treats 25m sqm 
  • MightyBug - Hypoaspis containing 10,000 mites treats 50m sqm 


When is it best to use? 















In protected (e.g. greenhouse, tunnels or cold frame) and indoor environments, MightyBugHypoaspis can be used year-round where temperatures are at least 15°C. 

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