MightyBug - Phytoseiulus Spider Mite Killer
MightyBug - Phytoseiulus Spider Mite Killer

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MightyBug - Phytoseiulus Spider Mite Killer

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Size:Small 10sqm (1000 mites)

(Subscription option lasts for 12 weeks - 3 x 4 weekly deliveries)

*MightyBugs are dispatched on Thursdays.

MightyBug - Phytoseiulus is a Natural And Mighty Spidermite killer. The predatory MightyBug Phytoseiulus persimilis is a very fast runner and once released will travel across plants hunting spider mites.

Supplied in a bottle ready to go, simply open to release the MightyBugs to run and hunt spider mites.

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Efficient little warriors!

I bought this product to deal with a very bad spider mite infection on my pansy flower bed. I had thousands of mites making almost all my plants unable to develop and was very close to losing them all. The order arrived very fast and I released the phytoseiulus over my plants immediately, and oh boy, then went to work! A few days later (about a week), all the spider mites were gone! Adults, eggs, everything! Their webs were still around, but gone after a few rainy days! I could not be happier with the product! It has been over 8 months since I purchased and the spider mites have not come back! Definitely recommend buying!

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