Andersoni Thrip Killer
Andersoni Thrip Killer
Andersoni Thrip Killer
Andersoni Thrip Killer

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Andersoni Thrip Killer

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Size:Small 5 sachets (5 large plants/2500 mites)

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Amblyseius Andersoni mites primarily prey on a wide range of pest species, including thrips, spider mites and whiteflies.

One of the remarkable attributes of Amblyseius Andersoni is its voracious appetite. They feed on all life stages of their prey, devouring eggs, larvae, and adult pests with equal efficiency. Furthermore, they are highly mobile and can easily disperse across the infested area to find their prey, ensuring comprehensive pest control.

They are also more cold-tolerant than other MightyBugs, becoming active at 12-14C.

Hang the sachets on the infested plants. The mites will emerge from the sachets over several weeks.


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