The problem:
Asian hornets (Vespa velutina) are an invasive non-native pest species to the UK. Gradually spreading across Europe after their accidental introduction into France around 2024 from their native South-East Asia, they pose a significant risk to native UK wildlife and honey bees. As a high risk invasive insect species, the UK authorities have a monitoring and control program to identify the pest and prevent it establishing in the UK. As an invasive species correct identification is an essential part of the invasive pest management strategy.

The product:
This Asian Hornet trap is designed to capture live Asian Hornets. The platform within the trap separates the liquid attractant from trapped hornets so preventing them from drowning. This trap can be used to aid correct identification of Asian Hornet and, if required, keeps the Asian Hornets in good enough condition to allow their release to aid tracking back to their nest. Removal of the yellow platform converts this live Asian Hornet trap into a lethal trap.

How to use:

  • Release the clear base from the blue top of the trap by moving the black strings.
  • Add a bee repellent liquid wasp attractant to a depth of 3cm (approx 50 ml) in the clear base. Note: To ensure trapped Asian Hornets do not drown, the liquid wasp attractant should not come above the yellow platform.
  • Secure the blue trap lid back onto the clear base.
  • Use the second black string to hang the trap approximately 1.5-2.0 m above the ground.
  • Check the contents of the trap regularly. Any wasps attracted to the trap will be able to escape back out of the lid, any native hornets can be released from the trap by removing the blue lid once they have been identified as not Asian Hornet.
  • If a trapped insect is identified or suspected of being an Asian Hornet it should be photographed and reported to the UK authorities.
  • After use, the blue lid and yellow platform can be removed from the clear plastic container, cleaned and stored for future use. If needed, the clear plastic base can be replaced by cutting the bottom 14cm from a fizzy drink bottle. Note: Using a wasp attractant which contains a bee repellent allows the Live Asian Hornet trap to be used in close proximity to bees without the risk of accidental catches.