The problem: Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is an increasing problem in UK honey bee hives. Year round programs are needed to protect a hive from this parasite. Early winter applications of oxalic acid with sugar can be by trickling solution into the hive to reduce the varroa population ahead of winter. Applications however require the hive to be opened which causes heat loss. Using an automated syringe allows faster application so causing less disturbance to the bees. In addition, the pre-set application volume ensures the correct doses is given so removing the risk of accidental overdosing. 

The product: The adjustable volume 15cm long syringe is designed to be used for oxalic acid trickle applications making application safer, faster more accurate.

  • Increase speed of application so reducing heat loss from hive
  • Adjustable dose giving user greater flexibility
  • Accurate dosing to ensure correct dose to hive
  • Attaches directly onto Oxuvar 5.7% bottle

How to use:

Either attach to the Oxuvar bottle once the trickle solution is made or transfer oxalic acid trickle solution into the applicators own container. Turn the dial on the handset to set the application volume depending on the size of hive being treated. Pull handle to gradually release measured volume of solution.