The problem:
Cool air temperatures slow the growth of plants early in the season and ground frosts can kill plants. Increasingly unpredictable spring weather can result in cooler days and nights early in the growing year. Protecting seedlings and young plants early and late in the season will help plants grow during cooler periods.

The product:
BioFleece works the same as commonly used plastic fleece protecting the plants underneath from the cold. The difference is that BioFleece is made from plants, not petroleum.

The light weight fleece material of 18 grams per square meter (18 gsm) will protect plants in temperatures down to -1°C.

The BioFleece will help form a warm pocket of air between the soil and the fleece, trapping warm air around the plants to help great a better growing environment.

How to use:

Ideal for use on spring sown plants and early germinating seedlings.

Either lay the fleece directly over the plants to be protected or on top of a supporting structure. Secure the edges to the ground, for example with pegs or stones. Water and feed plants by removing the netting.

BioFleece can be used to protect any plant. If using on fruits and vegetables which require pollination by bees whilst BioFleece is being used, remove the fleece during the day whilst in flower to allow bees to visit.