The problem:
Ground frosts can damage or even kill plants. Increasingly unpredictable spring weather can result in plants starting to grow earlier with milder winters, and then suffering if a sudden change in weather or late frost appears leaving soft growth prone to cold damage.

The product:
BioFleeceĀ® works the same as commonly used plastic fleece protecting the plants underneath from the cold. The difference is that BioFleeceĀ® is made from plants, not petroleum. The heavy duty fleece material of 30 grams per square meter (30 gsm) will protect plants in temperatures down to -6Ā°C.

How to use:

Ideal for use on tender flowers and shrubs as well as early season vegetables. Either lay the fleece directly over the plants to be protected or on top of a supporting structure. Secure the edges to the ground, for example with pegs or stones. Water and feed plants by removing the netting. BioFleeceĀ® can be used to protect any plant. If using on fruits and vegetables which require pollination by bees whilst BioFleeceĀ® is being used, remove the fleece during the day whilst in flower to allow bees to visit.