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Hand-held compression sprayer, with bottle holding capacity of 1.25 litres. The Birchmeier Super Star 1.25 compression sprayer has 360 degree activity (it can spray when held upside down) means it is idea for use on all spraying needs. New swing with 360° function. The small, handy compression sprayer for home and garden.

With brass nozzle and adjustable head. Also suitable for treating the underside of leaves.

Key Features:

  • Spraying in any position (360 degree rotation – even spray upside down)
  • Built in filter to prevent nozzle blockage. Flexible suction tube allows the complete bottle contents to be emptied at any angle
  • Easy swivel adjustable brass nozzle allows improved direction of spray. Brass construction improves durability
  • Easy to hold and grip moulded handle. Ergonomic and efficient hand pump allows quick pressure build-up. Enhanced user safety is ensured with the easy to identify red pressure release valve
  • Easy to fill transparent plastic tank with wide neck opening

How to use:

  1. Unscrew transparent bottle from the black sprayer head. Fill the transparent bottle with the liquid to be sprayed. Re-attach transparent bottle.
  2. Twist and direct the brass nozzle to select the droplet size and direction required for the intended use.
  3. Lift and compress the black pump to generate pressure within the spray bottle.
  4. Pull the trigger underneath the handle to create the spray.