The problem: Chafer beetles are a devastating pest of turf. Garden chafer (Phyllopertha horticola) are the most common pest species. Root feeding larvae destroy the grass roots preventing healthy growth, making turf unstable under foot and risking secondary damage from predatory birds and badgers tearing up the turf to feed on the grubs.

The product: Trapping adult beetles alerts users to the presence of the pest and determine if further control action is required.

  • Attractant attracts both male and female beetles, therefore is a more accurate monitoring system
  • Higher number of beetles caught compared to pheromone attractants which only attract female beetles
  • Liquid attractant will last through the adult flight period
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides

How to use: The attractant is designed to be used with Andermatt Chafer beetle traps. It should be used when adult beetles are expected to be active (mid-May to mid-July).

  1. Remove transport lid from bottle of attractant and replace with the filter lid to allow scent to escape from the bottle.
  2. Check the trap twice weekly.