The problem: The larvae of clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella) feed on natural fibres such as wool, cotton, fur and feathers. Adult females can lay up to 200 eggs in clusters directly on clothing or fabric and, after hatching, it is the larvae which feed on the fabric leaving characteristic small holes in garments. With only one hole needed to ruin an item, preventing this pest from inhabiting drawers and cupboards is key to keep clothes in a wearable condition. 

The product: Clothes Moth Killer is a natural product which does not contain any pesticide. The cardboard tabs contain microscopic hunting insects, parastic wasps called Trichogramma evanescens, which kill moth eggs. Invisible to the human eye, these beneficial Trichogramma wasps will patrol your drawers and wardrobes protecting your clothes from clothes moths. These highly mobile helpers will search out clothes moth eggs and kill them therefore preventing the larvae feeding on clothes.  

Clothes Moth Killer is safe to children, pets, and your clothes.

  • Treats one room up to 25 square meters
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides
  • Natural product
  • Microscopic natural helpers so small that you cannot see, hear or feel them

How to use: You cannot see them with the naked eye, but this product contains living insects and should be used immediately. Fresh is best!

  1. Remove the card from the outer envelope.
  2. If using within a wardrobe, hang the card from either a clothes hanger or the clothes rail.
  3. If using within a drawer, place the card on top of a pile of clothes. 
  4. Once positioned, close the cupboard or drawers and leave them to hunt. Able to move up to 7 m, your beneficial helpers will hunt clothes moth for up to 3 weeks.
  5. Clothes can be moved around and worn as normal, these natural friends will not interfere with any fashion decision you need to make.

Successful long-term control of clothes moth often requires a combined approach. Andermatt Home & Garden Clothes Moth Killer should be used alongside other measures such as washing (and where appropriate ironing) of clothes, cleaning dust and hair from clothes storage areas and trapping adult moths.

For best results, use in conjunction with Clothes Moth pheromone traps.

See our FAQs for Trichogramma Wasps Clothes Moth here.