The problem: 

Box moth (Cydalima perspectalis) is a devastating pest of box bush. A heavy caterpillar infestation is able to completely consume all of the green leaves to a point where the plant may not recover. Box moth pheromone traps are able to catch and kill adult moths, however this still leaves the caterpillars feeding on the bushes.


The product: 

The beneficial nematode Steinernema carpocapsae is natural predator of a range of caterpillars. MightyNem® beneficial nematodes can be used to control box moth caterpillars once they have infested a box bush. A natural solution to control an increasingly important pest as box moth spreads through gardens across the UK.


How to use: 

MightyNems come as a water dispersible powder in a small plastic sachet. The aim is to mix them in water and spray evenly over the infested box bushes.
- Upon delivery keep in a fridge (4'C) until use, do not freezer. Use before expiry date shown on the pack.
- Open the pack and mix the nematodes into a bucket of water.
- Add half of the bucket contents to the sprayer. Fill the sprayer with water.
- Keeping the sprayer adjitated throughout application to prevent the nematodes settling, empty the contents of the sprayer onto half of the bushes to be treated.
- The nematodes require a layer of water on the bush foliage to move and infect the caterpillars. The longer the box bush remains damp, the longer the nematodes will work.

MightyNem® Box Moth Killer should be used at a rate of 250,000 nematodes per small bush or 1 million per lineat meter of box bush hedge.