The problem:
Thrips are a group of small pest insects which feed on and damage a range of plants around the garden and home. These small insects are difficult to see and often only noticed once their feeding damage starts to appear on leaves and flowers. Thrips feeding on plants results in discolouration of green leaves in small patches where feeding occurs with heavy feeding resulting in a silvering of the leaf, and thrips feeding on flowers results in discolouration. Heavy infestations of thrips feeding on the growing points of plants can result in deformed growth.

The product:
Because thrips are so good at hiding, and their presence is often not noticed until after damage has become visible, preventative action with predatory MightyBugs is the the ideal way to protect your plants against the risk of thrips feeding. Amblyseius cucumeris is a naturally occurring predatory mite. Invisible to the naked eye, these mites are quick moving and, once released onto your plant, will run around hunting and eating thrips. MightyBug Cucumeris in a bottle is an easy way to use natural predatory MightyBugs over larger areas.

How to use:

Ready to use, instantly active apply directly to the plants you want to protect and leave the MightyBugs to do their job. Apply to the plant by either sprinkling over flat leaf surfaces, or adding some of the contents of the bottle to MightyBug Distribution Boxes hung within the plants you are protecting. For best results do not place the MightyBugs in direct sunlight to prevent the mites from over heating and do not water or spray the leaves on the same day as you release the MightyBugs, give them a chance to leave the upper surface of the leaves without getting washed off.