The problem:
Slugs and snails are one of the biggest pests in the garden. Always moving, quick to reproduce and when feeding only a few can cause a lot of damage.

The product:
EWE STOPĀ® SLUGS acts as a natural barrier, constantly on guard to protect your plants from slug and snail attack. The physical barrier created by EWE STOPĀ® SLUGS prevents slugs and snails from reaching the plant. Completely natural made from waste wool, straw and wood, it is completely safe to children, pets or wildlife using areas where EWE STOPĀ® SLUGS has been used. The pellets also have Scottish seaweed added to provide additional nutrition to the plants it is protecting, and organic material to the soil once it starts to break down.

How to use:

Use as a preventative treatment to protect against slugs and snails before they have started attacking plants. This 500 g pack of EWE STOPĀ® SLUGS can be used to treat 3.33 square meters.

ā€¢ Distribute pellets around the base of the plants you wish to protect.

ā€¢ While forming a complete barrier around the plant base is not necessary, it is recommended for maximum protection.

ā€¢ EWE STOP SLUGS will last for up to 4 weeks. EWE STOPĀ® SLUGS contains natural ingredients and is safe to use around fruits and vegetables to be eaten. It is also safe to use in gardens enjoyed by children and wildlife.