The problem:
Flies are a nuisance, buzzing around your home and transmitting dirt when they land or feed on food being prepared. Attracting them to a trap keeps these unwanted invaders away.

The product:
EWE STOP BUGS is an odourless trap harnessing the attractive power of natural sheep fleece.  The shallow design of the white plastic trap means it can be placed discretely around the home, for example on top of furniture units, out of sight and out of mind. The wide range of flies found around the home from fruit flies to blue bottles are attracted to the trap and become snared in the liquid unable to escape. 

How to use:

Simply place the white tray where you wish the trap to be setup, then empty the bottle of liquid attractant into the tray.
The trap is then left to do its job.
The non-evaporative liquid will last for a year after adding to the trap.
The EWE STOP BUGS liquid attractant is natural, made from sheep fleece in Wales. The product does not contain any insecticides.
Note: EWE STOP BUGS can also be used to trap flies outdoors.