The problem:
It is in the nature of their use that metal garden tools, from lawnmowers to secateurs, are at risk from rust and build up of dirt and dust that can cause their moving parts to seize up. Even if cleaned after use, gardening equipment is often stored in sheds or garages where their are both a high level of dust and constant moisture in the air. The gradual chemical reaction of rusting, especially around the moving joints of tools can mean tools are in constant need of protection. 

The product:
EWE STOP RUST® Anti-Seize Grease is a sustainably sourced lubricating grease. Made from the oils extracted from sheep fleece in Wales, EWE STOP RUST® is an odourless grease which can be applied to moving parts to repel water so preventing rusting and maintaining easy joint movement.

How to use:

Easy to handle screw cap tin.
Use a finger or tool to apply to the target surface.
For best performance, clean and dry the surface to be treated to provide the best surface to attach the nano-coating to.