The problem:
Rust is a constant threat to any metal surface. This is especially the case for garden tools, where metal surfaces are constantly exposed to scratching during their everyday use. The corroding chemical reaction caused by exposure of metals to moisture and heat damages the surface of the metal gardening equipment, and can also hinder movement and therefore operation of the tool. Damage from rust is a constant process, and difficult to protect against even when tools are stored away in sheds or garages. Whilst regular cleaning can protect against rust development, storage of tools in damp conditions means rust is a constant threat which garden tools should be protected against.

The product:
EWE STOP RUST® Spray forms a nano-coating barrier on the surface it is applied to. This oil-based nano-coating forms a physical barrier to prevent the metal underneath from being in contact with both oxygen in the air and moisture. Away from contact with these two elements the metal is protected from the threat of rust. The oils in EWE STOP RUST® also have water-repelling properties, not only preventing water contact but actively pushing water way from the surface to reduce pooling and gradual ingression.
Unlike petroleum-created oils and protectants, EWE STOP RUST® is made from oils extracted from sheep fleeces. Purified and formulated for easy application to your garden tools, the clean EWE STOP RUST® Spray leaves no dirty residue on the tool surface after treatment.
Natural water-proofing technology, as demonstrated by the 10 million Welsh sheep who have helped design EWE STOP RUST®.

How to use:

Shake before use.
For best performance, clean and dry the surface to be treated to provide the best surface to attach the nano-coating to.
Hold the bottle at arms length and pull the trigger to apply.
Cover the surface to be treated in an even coating of the spray.
The non-conductive properties of EWE STOP RUST® means that, even though it is a liquid spray, it is ideal for use on electrical gardening equipment.
For best protective results, apply to the metal surfaces of your gardening equipment after every use. Re-applying to the metal surface of the tool after every use will ensure the surface is protected against from any scratching created during its last use.