The problem:
During everyday use of gardening tools such as secateurs, shears and loppers to cut and trim plants, the metal blades will become dirty. Covered in sticky sap from the trimmed plants this sap then attracts more dirt. Metal garden tools become dirty and do not work as well. When stored in damp areas such as sheds and garages, metal garden equipment can also have flecks and patches of rust start to develop on its metal surfaces.  To maintain their performance, gardening tools are in need of constant cleaning and need of protection.  

The product:
EWE STOP RUST Tool Paste Coarse is a cleaning paste based on sustainably sourced grease, made from the oils extracted from sheep fleece in Wales. EWE STOP RUST Tool Paste is available in two grades: Coarse and Fine. COARSE tool cleaning paste contains larger particles of silicon carbide for removing heavier tougher deposits from metal tool surfaces. After removing the unwanted dirty deposits, the EWE STOP RUST leaves behind its protective coating on the cleaned tools. Gardening equipment such as secateurs, shears, loppers and lawnmowers are a significant cost to gardening. Good maintenance using EWE STOP RUST Garden Tool Paste is a cost effective way to keep them working well and prolong their working life.

How to use:

Easy to handle screw cap tin.
Wipe off any loose dirt from the surface of the tool to be cleaned and dry.
Use an old cloth to collect some of the EWE STOP RUST Tool Paste from the tin.
Gently rub, in small circles, the EWE STOP RUST Tool Paste on the surface of the equipment.
Warning, when applying to sharp blades of tools, be aware of sharp edges.
Re-apply as required.