The problem: Ripening berries are prone to attack from birds and insects. Small berry bushes can be stripped of fruit, and feeding damage to a small number of grapes can result in the entire bunch rotting.

The product: Fruit protection bags can be placed over fruit during as it ripens to protect it from birds and insects feeding on them. The fine mesh structure of the bags allows air flow to continue. This ensures fruit does not loose water and there is no increase in disease. Dimensions: 20×30 cm.

  • Protect fruit bunches on the plant.
  • Designed to allow air and moisture flow so not to increase disease risk.
  • Draw string for easy closing.  

How to use: Place a protection bag around the fruit as it starts to ripen. Tighten the string to fasten to the plant. Protection bags can remain on the fruit until harvest. Bags should not be placed on plants during flowering as they will prevent pollinating bees reaching the flower, therefore no fruit will develop. If needed after use, bags can be washed (40° C) before re-use.