The problem: Horsefly (Tabanidae) are biting pest insects which are a common problem around livestock and horses. The blood feeding females which bite feed on animals and humans causing a nuisance, a painful bite and also have potential to spread disease. Their presence causes stress to animals with potential loss of condition and when around humans they interfere with leisure activities. Horsefly are very mobile, able to fly long distances from where they reproduce to where they feed. A sites proximity to fly reproductive areas such as near streams, waterbodies and boggy land is therefore not necessarily an indication of risk with horseflies able to infest from distance. 

The product: H-Trap Horsefly Trap attracts, catches and kills horsefly females without the use of pesticide. The black sphere within the trap mimics the heat signal of the hind end of an animal the fly believes it can feed on. Once attracted to the sphere and unable to feed, the flies fly upwards into the clear container on top of the trap where they are unable to escape from and die.

H-Trap Horsefly Traps do not contain any pesticides and are safe to children, pets, horses and livestock.

  • Durable steel design to withstand exposure to the elements
  • Once setup, minimal maintenance required only to empty the trap container of dead flies
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides
  • No support ropes or cables to risk tripping or reduce grazing area

How to use:

H-Trap Horsefly Traps should be placed in the areas animals congregate or humans report horsefly activity.

  1. Construct trap as described in enclosed instruction manual, using the air pump and spanner provided.
  2. Position the trap in the area which animals to be protected congregate in.
  3. H-Traps should be used at a rate of 1 trap per 2.5 acres or 5 horses.
  4. Traps should be positioned in an area of sunshine to allow the black ball to heat up.
  5. The clear container on the top of the trap should be checked and emptied weekly.