The problem: Flies, butterflies and moths are often attracted to fruit and vegetable plants to lay eggs which hatch into devastating pests. If adults are kept away from plants, they cannot lay eggs. Using a fine net prevents egg laying and therefore the need to control feeding pests.

The product: The fine structure (0.85 mm mesh) is a barrier to a range of pests from large butterflies to small flies. The structure allows air flow and water movement to support plant growth and not increase disease risk. The fine mesh also allows light penetration for good plant growth. The lightweight structure (17 g/m²) means the plants will lift the net as they grow. This makes it easy to use with no need for supporting hoops or adjustment through the season.

  • Lightweight structure removes the need for supports and allows plants to move the Insect net as they grow.
  • Versatile used protecting against small flies to birds.
  • Water over the top, no need to lift.

How to use: After sowing or planting, lay the net over the plants to be protected. Allow for some excess material (approximately 15 cm width) running down the centre of the net. This will be needed for the net to move as the plants grow. Fasten down all four sides of the net with soil, stones or pegs (not included). For plants which require pollination, Insect net should be removed during this period to allow pollinators (e.g. bees) access. At the end of the season, dry net and store away from light.