The problem:

Poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) also known as red mite, is a common problem in poultry (chicken, duck, turkey and goose) rearing. A parasite of the birds, during the daytime they hide around the birds roosting areas emerging to feed on the birds as they are sleeping. Red mite feeding on birds results in stress and reduction in condition which can lead to less weight gain and lower egg production.

The product:

InsectoSec® is an insecticide for use against poultry mite and contains a natural material based on diatomaceous earth (DE). Diatomaceous earth is naturally occurring mineral formed from the skeleton structures of microscopic water living diatoms.

  • Approved for use in UK to control poultry mite – proven safety and performance
  • Approved for use in egg production with zero day withholding period
  • The highest quality natural diatomaceous earth product in the UK, InsectoSec® Liquid comes in a ready to use 1 L liquid bottle with a trigger sprayer for easier application to housing and roosting areas
  • Not all diatomaceous earth is equal! For your safety and product performance, make sure you use officially approved product

How to use:

InsectoSec® Liquid is a diatomaceous earth containing liquid which can be applied directly to poultry houses and chicken roosting areas where the poultry mites live hidden in cracks.

  • Store in a cool dry location
  • Apply directly to the area to be treated, ensuring liquid penetrates cracks and cervices within the housing
  • Once dry InsectoSec® Liquid will leave a thin film of white diatomaceous earth powder on the treated area
  • After each use wash out trigger sprayer with water to prevent blockage